Justin (flunky76) wrote,

Face to Face/ Strung Out/ Blitzkid/ Darlings

As Strung Out plays the chorus for "Walk" by Pantera during one of their songs:
"Dude, I havent heard this song since I was in High School in 93, dude!" Thats when I knew, I was amongst fellow 30 year olds and up...

I went to the show in st. petersburg last night and I have to say it was probably the BEST show I have been to in my adult life, in about 10 years. I am a huge Face To Face fan, and I have seen them so many times, but last night was definitly the all time best I have ever seen. I think there were many factors involved with this, so today, i will break them down, and talk about some new show things, that I had never seen before, with technology all over us..it was an eye opener.

First off, let me say that I rarely go out anymore, so I had been planning this show for weeks since my friend John Carr texted me "Face to Face, may 29th". I hadnt seen John in like 5 years, and not really talked or texted since then, so it was serious text. I had plans to eat with my family that afternoon, and I didnt get a ticket, because in my mind, "who still knows about Face to Face except for old farts such as myself". So, the plan was to go early, and buy my ticket at the door. On my way there, I called John to see if he was gonna go, and he said "naw man..I dont have any money, plus I heard the show was sold out!" NOOOOO!!! I was almost there and freaking out. So, I get there and there are a few people hanging out in front, and I think the worst that the show is sold out and Im not gonna be able to see the band. Luckily, it wasnt..I think they had 10 tickets left, and I bought number one, so there were 9 left.

2. The Darlings. I originally told alot of people about the show, and some said they would think about going. Well, that didnt happen, and I was there solo, which, at my age, I don't really care, because I was there for the music anyway. I just found a spot to stand and watch the opening bands and I was quite content with it. The Darlings were up first, and those guys were awesome! I found myself bobbing my head to their music and just having a great time. I started talking with some guys next to me and we all agreed that they were good. Its funny, and it happens all the time, when a band plays somewhere that nobody knows who they are, the floor is empty..but as they played their 4th song the had a pretty good crowd gathered..they were good, real good..I might get their album good.

3. The Bar. After they played, I walked out to the bar area, and bought a beer. I started to notice that everyone was of age to drink, and that there were no teenie boppers hanging out doing stupid stuff in a corner, trying to look cool. Could this be, the ultimate show?

4. Blitzkid. at first glance, I thought these guys were gonna suck, Im not gonna lie. As they were setting up, I was like "oh reat, another death metal band that is totally not in line with the rest of the line up" but I was totally wrong. I thought their name was really lame, but theyt rocked man..great set, and great show.

5. Strung Out. By this time the place was packed! Now, a little history with me and Strung Out..Ive never really liked them that much. ive seen them a bunch of times back in the day, and I always saw them as a crappy pop punk band, that just sucked. Of course that was my pretentious side back then, and I was always tryting to keep it real, I guess back then. But this time was different, I actually liked them. I got to know the guys standing next to me pretty well. I didnt get names, but we all noticed that the crowd was def older. then the Pantera riff came on for "Walk"..and fists from everyone pumped in the air "RE-"..."SPECT"..."WALK!!" and the guy next to me starts freakin out.."Dude! I havent heard this song since I was in High school man!" and everyone knew it..it was a great moment. We looked at the crowd everywhere and they were being so cool. No pretentious kids standing with their arms crossed fidling with their "cool" hair..just a bunch of 30 and ups watching a show and enjoying it. It was a great moment and the show just took a huge turn the being one of the best shows of my life.

6. Face to Face. As Strung Out ended their set, the State Theater was maxed out, and it was hot as hell in there. I started to notice some familiar old faces in the crowd..alot of them! People I hadnt seen in years were there. I had planned to just sit back and watch Face to Face from the back, but that changed as the band started setting up. I ran into my friend Alyssa, whom I wasnt expecting to see at a punk rock show at all...and we stood by the floor. They came out and it was just straight up energy. I can't remember what the first song was, but everyone got into it, and people started flocking to the floor. Next thing I knew, I was up in front throwing my arms in the air, singing my butt off. They played for 2 HOURS! Every single song they had, I swear! Trever Keith's son came up and played a song with them. It was kinda funny because he was the typical teenager with his dad, trying to look cool and rolling his eyes as he played..it was funny, but I could tell Trever was really happy to have him on stage. Overall, I think they had a great time playing in front of us. last time I saw them, they just looked pissed off, but they looked like they were trul;y having fun.

It was so cool though, I mean people were crowd surfing and actually catching people and helping each other. It was like the old days, looking out for one another. I think going to shows now is so different because the kids dont catch each other and when they try to crowd surf, they just fall down..but not last night..it was like a giant punk rock party. Overall, I have to say, it was one of the funnest nights I have had in awhile, and Im really glad I got to go. By the end of the show, I was tired, and covered with sweat..but it was agood feeling.

7. an observation. You know technology has pretty much taken over our world. When I saw these guys almost 15 years ago, it was risky to bring your camera to a show, because you never knew what might happen to it..it could get smashed, cracked, thrown in the pit..you just didnt do it. Last night, I saw more I-phones recording the show that ever. It was crazy! There were like lighter during "Freebird", all over the place. I have a simple phone, so seeing that kinda freaked me out a bit, I dont know why..it just did.
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