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Glastonbury 2010

So Ive been watching the footage of the festival on the Palladia channel (which is my new favorite channel). And I looked at the line up online and Im blown away by how big it is, and how many performances there were.
I thought to myself it would be good to go to a show like that again..3 days..millions of people..good music...well, the people thing would probably suck, but none the less, it looks awesome.
I was talking to Ralph today about seeing Groove Armada sometime before I die. They are one of few bands that I love that I havent seen live yet and that I hope to see. The best show I ever saw, in my eclectic music taste, was the Prodigy in tampa in 1995. They played a small venue here and it kicked ass, and Ive seen ALOT of great bands in my life..but that show was by far my all tiime favorite.
I think the fact that it was small, and there was so much energy, and I had been following them since high school, it just kicked ass. More than my first Morrissey show, and that says alot.
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