Justin (flunky76) wrote,

Great Day today

Today was a great day, the team I coach had a swim a thon and we raised a good bit of money. I dressed up as a banana and jumped in the water with them. But the highlight of the event was seeing the older kids motivating the younger ones and really stepping in the leadership department.
Its also a good day because "Kiss me Deadly" came on my I-Pod today by Generation X, and I fucking love that song! If I could think of all the times Ive listened to that song in my life, they were always the good times..you know!?
My friend Collins and I might start a soul night in town which has put me in a greater mood. I decided to make an effort to go out once or twice a week to hang out with the tribes in town. Collins and I went to the hub and just talked about soul and scootering and all. He thinks I need to get a scooter..but I dont live in Tampa proper really for one..I live in the burbs now..I dont know..its tempting..
There are so many things going on tonight, but we cant go out for financial reasons..I wish I had fucking money to do shit. That DJ Darude is spinning tonight in Bradenton, hes the guy that made the cheesiet of cheese club anthems "Sandstorm". I really wanted to go, and fist pump with the best of em..but, I cant..LOL!
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