Justin (flunky76) wrote,

froot loops are so damn good

I love em. I know they are super bad for me, but they taste so good.
Shawna and I went to a haloween party on saturday night. My friend and longtime roomate Beau threw a party at his house. It was cool, it was a far cry from the parties we had when we were young, but it was a nice pace. Not too much drinking going on, actually I think I had 3 beers total.
Its weird being at a party with little kids running around. Not that Im complaining cause its just a fact of getting older but, beaus kid kept staring at me and my banana costume like he wanted to eat me.
The kids are still young enough that the women still wore their "sexy" costumes, which I think is so played out now. Beau's fiancee megans brothers brought their friends over and they are alot younger than us, and their girlfriends had the typical Dorothy and sleeping beauty sexy outfits on..nice to look at, but played out.
Shawna and I did a "Banana Hammock" word association costume..and for the most part everyone got it, but it took some others awhile to figure it out.
we spent most of yesterday at IKEA looking at how we are going to set up our new apartment. I think it will look cool once we are done, but its gonna take time and money. on the flipside, I cant waitto do it it, because living amongst boxes sucks ass..
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