Justin (flunky76) wrote,

New pad

So my girlfriend and I have just officially moved in together into our own place this weekend. I really like it and its nice. I didnt think I would move back into an apartment complex again, but this one is good. Im about 15-20 minutes from work and Im close to the interstate and to other things that pertain to me.
As much as I love my job and it is something I have worked for, pretty much my entire career...I really miss being able to do things. I kinda miss my freedom to go out and not have to worry about waking up on time,or perceptions. I miss the days that I can say to somebody, "you know what? I don't give a fuck!"..those days are over. When you are young you thik you own the world, but as you get older you realize the world has you by the balls.
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