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So I woke up for practice this morning at 4AM and I had to pull the pool covers off at 4:40AM. The kids started showing up around 4:50 or so. They came over and were just mucking about talking and not getting in the water, so I lost it, and screamed at them to get in. its the first time Ive lost my temper with them. It was mostly because I did the covers by myself for them! I accidentally slipped the F bomb because i was so mad..so I might get some backlash.

But, they made up for it and swam really well for the entire practice, so I was called down afterward. then out of nowhere, I started singing "Hip Hop Hooray" by naughty by Nature..and its been in my head all morning...I look at the clock, its 9AM, and Ive been up for 4 hours already!

Its gonna be a good day
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